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Message From Our President

Brad Stevens Presidential Welcome

Welcome to Fresno Sister Cities International website.  Sister Cities has a rich history dating back to 1956 during President Dwight D. Eisenhower's administration.  President Eisenhower was interested in creating a space to promote peace and friendship among citizens of the United States and those all around the globe.  This program of fellowship has grown to include thousands of citizens and has reached out to over 150 neighboring countries.  Here in Fresno, we have relationships with
Kochi Japan, Muenster Germany, Verona Italy, Etchmiadzine  Armenia, Chateauroux France, Taishan China, Torreon Mexico and hope to include others in the future.  As president of Fresno Sister Cities International, I hope to continue to foster these connections and build more through programs involving our youth, art, culture, professional businesses, education and community development.  By promoting goodwill between the United States and various countries around the world we hope to provide our citizens with opportunities to learn about the rich diversity of cultures outside their own.  We happily invite anyone who may have any questions or is interested in our Sister Cities International program, here in Fresno, to please contact me by email at
Brad Stevens  President
Fresno Sister Cities International


President Brad Stevens