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"No impersonal representation of a culture can fully communicate its reality to others who have never know its living substance. Through personal relations our curiosity can be fulfilled by a sense of knowledge, cynicism can give way to trust, and the warmth of human friendship be kindled." -President John F. Kennedy


Join Fresno Sister Cities and become part of a powerful global network anchored in formal city-to-city agreements. Six official sister cities Münster, Germany; Châteauroux, France; Verona,  Italy; Kochi, Japan; Etchmiadzin, Armenia; and Taishan, China are strategically positioned throughout the world; translating into long-term relationships that give you international access, opportunities, and resources. 

As a member of Fresno Sister Cities, you can join delegations that meet with international, political and business leaders; arts and culture professionals and government education and technical experts. 

You can welcome international delegations to Fresno and host delegates, interns or students in your business and home. Throughout the year, you can attend exciting, information-rich cultural programs and participate in economic and educational events and exchanges. 

Whether you are an individual who wants to make a difference in the world or a business leader working in the international arena, a Fresno Sister Cities membership can bring you a world of opportunities. 

Membership Types:

Individual $29.00

Family $35.00 (Multiple people under one household - no limit)

Payment Options:

Paypal or Check

For More Information Contact: Linda Ginise at